Viruses Prey on Mobile Phones

It should not really be surprising at how mobile phones would be the target of most viruses today. For one, they are the hot commodities we hear of today and similar to PC computing before, they are the hot target viruses want to wreck havoc on.

It is not really constrained to creating a mess. They are a challenge. Their wireless means of surfing the web and using programs that may be hard to penetrate with the basic security features is the penetration issue that any hacker today would want to conquer.

Spammers are bound to have their teeth in as well. These two juvenile delinquents of the cyber world are bound to be aggressively aching to get their name in the mobile internet issues. The opportunity is simply too tempting to pass up.

According to its annual Emerging Cyber Threats report, cybercriminals will start targeting smartphones as they are being used more frequently by users when it comes to financial matters and therefore are a source of sensitive personal data such as credit card and bank account details.


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