Cyber Criminals Use Disaster relief for activities

onlinefraud.jpgShame on you people who capitalize on any means just for that easy buck and depriving help to those who need it most. The US’s C.E.R.T. office that is part of the Department of Homeland Security has acknowledged the existence of fraudulent activities related to the recent disasters in China and Myanmar. These cyber criminals use the disasters as a front to get hold of financial information and other personal data which they use for further criminal activities. The problem has them recommending everybody who wishes to make donations to first check with the Federal Trade Commission’s charity checklist and through other online charity verification facilities such as the Charity Navigator which lists all accredited non-profit organizations that are currently engaged in disaster relief operations in the specified countries.
Many people have been victimized by these cyber criminals who commit identity theft through financial information gathered from fraudulent email and websites through phishing attacks. Once the information is taken, prompt action is needed to avoid the tons of potential problems that can arise from such illegal activities. Measures are in place to freeze bank accounts and other bank financial services once they are reported. The verification systems in place for charities have also provided a lot of help with regards to fraudulent charities and other scams that they have to some extent provided protection for the generous and big at heart who always try to donate for people in need.
Not much can be said of these criminals except for the fact that they exhibit the highest levels of cowardice in their use of the misfortune of others for personal gain. There are a lot of resources available on the internet for verifying the truth of claims and people are advised to take caution when dealing with solicitation letters and such information. Identity theft is continuing to be a pain in the neck for all of us but with proper discipline, the problems associated with such attacks can be avoided and minimized. Shame on You Guys!

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