Encryption – Why people shun away from it even now? (Part 1)

Encryption used to be the mainstay of military and other government agencies who need to secure the information they handled preventing anybody who may get access rendering the information useless. Everybody knows about it yet not many use… Read More

Government Laptops and Computers get encrypted

Due to the recent problems associated with the loss of government laptops and security breaches such as the incident where the laptop of a Federal Trade Official was reported to have been compromised by reportedly Chinese operatives while… Read More

Cyber Criminals Use Disaster relief for activities

Shame on you people who capitalize on any means just for that easy buck and depriving help to those who need it most. The US’s C.E.R.T. office that is part of the Department of Homeland Security has acknowledged… Read More

ExFeds – Don’t Mess with our Clients

A startup firm named iSekurity has former agents from the various US Federal agencies in their roster is to begin offering Identity theft protection service which may become the start of a new chapter or rather business in… Read More

Half a Million IIS Servers Infected with Malware

Panda software, a developer of security systems and anti-virus software has raised the alarm regarding a massive cyber attack on vulnerable IIS Server based web pages. The malware once it gets in re-directs users to malicious sites from… Read More

Unified Communications under Attack…. So Soon!

The move to shift from multi-level communications and incorporating Unified communications such as VoIP and other unified platforms has become the prime targets of hackers who are now turning to IM attacks as their targets. Offices have de-centralized… Read More

Bottom Up IT Security not being taught to Students

As it turns out, students in the many fields of IT such as software development are still being taught the lessons of old and not being taught how to pro-actively design software to defend itself from attack. This… Read More

Open Sourced Developer Reveals a Secret

The secret he has forgotten for 25 years way back when he was a developer for BSD which is the forerunner of today’s open sourced programming languages. The length of time the said bug has remained in the… Read More

Microsoft’s To and Fro

The news that Microsoft was going to drop everything that has to do with Windows XP came as a shocker to all for not everybody was ready to jump onto the Vista Bandwagon which has nothing to show… Read More

McAfee Detects Malware aimed at Tibetan Supporters

The movement to free Tibet from Chinese rule has had several web sites and organizations springing up to fight for Tibetan independence from the Chinese’s Communist Rule. The movement was threatened by the government to be met with… Read More