IT Security – the outlook for 2008

Wireless networks and ways of protecting them will top most of the IT Security issues for the coming year. Predictions place wireless networks to slowly take over the now existing networks and development into WiMax which has more… Read More

Network Assessment tools – for a better/secure network

In the time when people are going more and more mobile making the telecommuting concept a true reality, the existence of the wall-less office has slowly been realized. The shift to WiFi and other wireless networking solutions has… Read More

Passwords and back-up…still the best defense against data loss

Security experts agree and still recommend that passwords be as tough as possible to prevent access to information on computer systems/networks. Yeah, it sounds very redundant and has become a bit tiring to read but it truly is… Read More

Spam a continuing cost for Businesses

No, it’s not the luncheon meat though we hope it was. It’s those annoying unsolicited messages or email that fills your mailbox at home and in the office is costing businesses a lot of money according to a… Read More

Another Bummer – Lost UK Driver’s data

In addition to the very much weak security regarding the handling of information by government agencies, the UK Government suffers yet another blow with news that information for almost three million UK drivers is missing from a facility… Read More

New Email Scam

A new twist into the old email scam books, the fraudulent scam that asks for money from unsuspecting friends and acquaintances listed in your address books. True, many have been victimized by the said ploy wherein people gain… Read More

PCI DSS – The Answer to Credit Card Fraud

PCI DSS or short for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, is designed as a security protocol that has been agreed upon by industry for applications in Credit card payment systems. Due to ever increasing problems and losses… Read More

It Security – Interpol

The threat of IT security has reached such a level that even Interpol has gotten involved in the action. Many crime syndicates operate beyond the normal bounds of borders and business organizations that the Policing Agency has information… Read More

Credit Card Fraud Peak Season

True, the holiday’s is the hottest time when credit card fraud runs into the millions of dollars. There are many incidents of fraud out on the market and shopping is a very casual task many take for granted…. Read More

The Security problems of Torrents

Ever since it was introduced, torrents have flourished into one of the world’s most widespread file sharing protocols in use today. It was introduced as a method of sharing huge files without the worries of heaving one source… Read More